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Best Anti-Vibration & Anti-Impact Gloves on the market

Workers in many industries are required to provide their own anti-vibration gloves and anti-impact gloves. Crushing, pinching, and puncture hazards are some of the more common injuries suffered by people who work with their hands.

Let us do an anti-vibration gloves review to see which of these five types may be right for you. Each provides great back of the hand impact protection, good gripping, and arc flash protection.

The gloves are designed to maximum finger cushioning but still allow for flexibility.

Impacto Nitrile Anti-Vibration Air Gloves

The Impacto anti-vibration gloves are made from nitrile materials on a coated fabric. Impacto has utilized their patented Air Bubble technology to create the palm, thumb, and fingers. The cuff is gathered in a driver-style cuff. The gloves are both lightweight and flexible.

The gloves have a non-permeable air bladder that is resistant and will not bottom out. The gloves contain individual air chambers that won’t disintegrate. The gloves provide for excellent dexterity, allowing the fingers to remain nimble.

These gloves are suitable for dry gripping and are cut and puncture resistant. They also provide protection against abrasions and are snag and fray resistant.

Impacto Anti-Impact Glove

The Impacto Anti-Impact Glove is made in a blue four-way stretch Lycra glove liner material. These gloves protect the lower portion of the fingers, palm, and wrist of the hand but leave the finger and thumb tips free. They have a fully padded palm VEP padding.

These are the best gloves to use in general assembly work and material handling. They are made in medium and large sizes.

Impacto Mechanic’s Anti-Vibration Air Glove

The Impacto Mechanic’s Anti-Vibration Air Gloves come in a black colour and fully covers hands up to the wrist. They’re made in a synthetic ultra-suede leather material to provide excellent wear and flexibility.

They have a mesh back that allows the hands to ventilate.

These gloves have an adjustable wrist tab with a hook and loop closure. The double urethane air bladder protects the palm, fingers, and thumb. These gloves are sold in medium to extra-large sizes. 

Polyco Tremor Low Anti-Vibration Glove

The Polyco Tremor glove is suitable for work with low vibrations. It’s made in a black material that fully covers hands to wrist. The palm of the glove have a texturized surface to aid in gripping.

These gloves are covered in a unique coating with a soft knitted seamless liner that works to reduce the feelings of shocks, vibrations, and other impacts, but still provides for a nice level of dexterity.

Honeywell Velvet Shock Glove

The Honeywell Velvet Shock Glove is made in a natural cowhide leather in golden brown colour. These are like your traditional glove. They are made with a water-resistant leather and have a lining on the back of the hand.

We have all of the anti-vibration and anti-impact gloves available on our website.

Order yours today. 

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