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Choosing the best work boots in the UK

Both men and women need the best work boots UK supplier.

There are many factories, manufacturers, and industries where work boots are an essential part of the job—without them you’ll have to borrow a pair that don’t fit right, or be sent home.

And the great thing about shopping for your own work boots is that you can stick to your budget, and choose a great looking boot that fits your feet comfortably. 

When choosing work boots you must ensure they are industry standard, so that means that you can’t simply purchase a pair of winter boots off the shelf and assume that your feet will be covered.

Work boots are designed to be tough and durable. Some boots are resistant to water and electrical sparks, while others have steel toes to protect your toes. Most work boots are ankle height or higher to protect the ankle bones too.

Here are some of the best work boots UK branded to be found on our site.


This is the Caterpillar brand with a bright yellow and black logo. They offer boots for extreme climates and other demanding tasks. These boots are built for durability.


Most people know of DeWalt’s line of tools, but they also have safety boots too. These boots are comfortably designed for the professional tradesman. They have boots for indoors or outdoors and are lightweight and flexible.

Dr Martens

Nicknamed Doc Martens, this company has been around since the 1960s. This has given the company the time to improve on their brand. They combine comfort with safety and reliability.


The first Dunlop boot was made in 1927. They are now the global leader in safety boots. They combine performance with comfort and protection. The brand is sold across the world.


Goliath footwear focusses on safety for people in the industrial, construction, utilities, and civil engineering industries. They make boots for special hazards. They have a West Yorkshire distribution centre.

Performance Brands

Performance Brands makes boots for extreme climatic changes or intense jobs. These boots offer functionality with performance and durability. 


Tuf offers the best safety boots for the jobs at hand. These boots have been certified to the most appropriate quality standards. You can be assured that your boots follow compliance and safety regulations.


U-Power boots are certified to all appropriate quality standards where necessary. They follow the full compliance and are designed with safety in mind.


Uvex offers a trendy sporty look in safety boots for men and women. They look great but still conform to all worker’s regulations and compliance.

Besides these brands we also offer a wide selection of safety boots from Proman Rockfall, Timberland, Tomcat, and more. Safety boots come in a wide range of sizes and widths.

Have you been searching around for a safety boots sale? We offer all these brands of boots and more on our Aston Workwear site. Please browse through our selection to choose the best boot that fits right. 

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