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Bolle Safety Glasses—A Reliable Brand

Safety glasses are required for employees and workers in many different types of industries.

Their cost is minimal when compared with having insurance payouts, and lost hours of work. There are many brands of safety glasses, but Bolle safety glasses, and Bolle safety goggles, are trusted by many companies

throughout the UK to protect the eyes of their workers.

Bolle manufactures a variety of different eyewear to protect workers.

The Bolle Axis safety spectacles are in a spectacles style. These are designed for lower risk and slip easily over the ears like a pair of eye glasses. They can be easily taken on and off. The Bolle Mambe safety

spectacles are similar, but in a slightly different design. These are lightweight and have a non-slip bridge. They have two long black arms that fit over the ears.

The Bolle Viper safety spectacles are tinted black. They are lightweight and are close to the eye. They offer a panoramic field of vision. They can be adjustable at the temples, and also come with a neck cord, so they can hang safely from the cord when not in use.

The Bolle Rush HD safety spectacles are designed to be nonslip and have an adjustable bridge. They are clear, with clear lenses. These lenses have clear optical glass class 1 polycarbonate lenses that give the worker

a panoramic field of view.

There are three different colour options to choose in these glasses: clear, twilight, and smoked. These glasses are lightweight, and are scratch-resistant. They are also anti-mist, and have water repellant abilities.

The Bolle Bandito safety spectacles are slightly smaller than the above choices and come in a more circular style of lens. They also have three different colour options:

Clear, ESP (dark), and smoked. These glasses are designed to be close-fitting to the face. They are also scratch-resistant. They come with a neck cord.

Bolle also makes safety goggles. The Bolle X90 low profile safety goggle has a wide headband that wraps around the head. The lenses are clear, and the eyes are completely protected from potential splashes or dust.

These goggles are compact, and they are scratch-resistant. They are also mist-proof. There is ventilation in the sides. These goggles have been designed for smaller faces.

The Bolle Tracker II Hybrid Safety Spectacles look like goggles, but they are smaller and more compact. They have an interchangeable foam seal that can give additional cheek or brow protection when needed.

They also have a strap that can be removed. They also have mist-proof capabilities. These glasses provide a wide field of view and side ventilation. They can be made with prescription lens inserts.

No matter which style of Bolle safety glasses or Bolle safety goggles that you need, you’ll find a good Bolle safety glasses price on the Aston Work Wear website.

We provide a variety of worker’s gear and protective equipment for every type of industry, and deliver throughout the UK. 

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