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Benefits of Bolle Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are useful in a variety of workplaces, including clinics, hospitals, shops, labs, and other types of industrial sites.

They’re essential to protect the eyes of employees, as well as keeping the production line functioning effectively by minimising hazards. Bolle is one manufacturer of safety glasses.

They have a variety of different products, but three styles stand out from the rest: Bolle Silium safety glasses, Bolle safety Slam eyewear, and Bolle Bandido safety glasses.

When you must wear safety glasses at work it can seem inconvenient. But once you get into the habit of wearing them regularly, it will seem like second nature. It’s worth wearing them, as eye injuries are not fun. You don’t want to have to reach for the eye wash station because you think you have something inside your eyes.

Safety glasses are also important if you wear contact lenses at work, because it can be so easy to get dust or fragments in your eyes in dusty working conditions. Be sure to always wear your eyewear. There are even goggles that fit over your glasses.

Bolle Silium safety glasses are built sturdier, as they have a metal frame. They come in clear or in black lenses. They are  spectacle style with tips on the ends of the ear arms. These spectacles have self-adjusting spring temples. They have panoramic vision that can be seen clearly to either side. The nose pads are also adjustable.

The Bolle safety Slam spectacles are designed to be for high visibility. They have yellow arms that fit on top of the ears, and are in a clear lens style.

These spectacles are easy to wear, and provide comfortable eye protection. These glasses are also suitable to be used for workers who may work in dim lighting conditions at night, and ease eye strain.

The reflective sides of the goggles also enable other workers to see them more easily in the dark.

The Bolle Bandido safety spectacles come in three different colour options. There are clear frames and lenses, dark smoked lenses and frames, and ESP lenses and frames that are a pale grey.

These spectacles have wide arms that fit comfortably onto the top of the ears. They fold closed like regular eyewear. They are made from polycarbonate and are designed to be close fitting to the eye.

They are anti-scratch resistant. They also have anti-mist lenses. They offer the maximum field of vision and come with a long neck cord so they can be kept conveniently at hand.

There are safety glasses for nearly every type of working situation. Have a look on the Aston Work Wear site to find the best protective eye wear for your work situation.

These three popular styles of Bolle safety glasses are sure to provide great eye protection for many working situations.

 Each of them is perfect for low risk work sites. Also check out the Bolle line of protective goggles for medium and maximum risk working environments. 

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