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Toffeln clogs are perfect for work

Toffeln clogs

Toffeln clogs are the preferred brand of many

Toffeln clogs are one of the preferred brands of footwear for those working in operating theatres, wards and the medical field generally.

These washable or wipe clean clogs are ideal to help hospitals and other hygiene conscious locations conform to health and safety regulations, infection control measures and medical cleanliness requirements.

Toffeln clogs are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and designs from Aston Workwear, from the utilitarian black, white and pastel shades available across all types to the vibrant deep metallic tones of the 0499 range.

Many of the ranges have the heel strap option which can be flipped forward to sit over the front of the foot too, although some establishments prefer for safety that the strap is worn around the heel as standard.

For those workers who prefer something more ‘shoe-like’ than a simple clog, Toffeln safety shoes are available in slip on format with false laces in the ProFlex 06184 or Sportflex ranges, some of which look more like trainers than slip on shoes.

These shoes have all the features wearers expect of Toffeln clogs but are easier to keep on the feet for anyone who has difficulty walking in true clogs. They have a comfortable padded sole and padded leather upper with a protective outer coating which can be wiped clean.

There are many online reviews of Toffeln clogs to allow workers to choose the style and colour they prefer, so long as their workplace finances and stockists permit. The clogs are chunky and hard wearing but can make some people feel like they are wearing platform shoes if their usual footwear is less sturdy.

The solid soles do provide protection against spills on the floor though, unlike some regular shoes. According to the reviews, some ranges can be on the small side, so procurement staff might be advised to order a size bigger than the employee’s stated foot size for comfort reasons, especially if they are expected to work long shifts on their feet.

The Toffeln range is also recommended by many users as best for those with troublesome joints, as the shape of the sole and cushioning thickness seem to help many reviewers with joint pain and movement issues.

The full range of designs and colours is positively dazzling. Toffeln clogs of many different designs are available to buy wholesale from Aston Workwear.

Many of the clogs have leather wipe-clean uppers, some have heel straps, others are slip on. All are made of washable or wipe clean materials, and are hard wearing, designed to stand up to many hours on the feet of medical staff of all specialties

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