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Choosing Work Safety Boots for Men

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Work Safety Shoes For Men

When choosing safety shoes for men, it's important to understand that there is no one best type of protective footwear; the kind of safety shoes or boots you need will depend entirely on the type of hazards present in your place of work.

Different types of work shoes for men offer varying levels of protection suited to different potential risks, such as:

The risk of impact or puncture. This is the most common hazard to consider; if you work around heavy objects of any kind (for example, if you work in a warehouse where stock must be unloaded, loaded, and moved around, or you work on a construction site) your feet are at risk of being crushed should something fall.

If you work with sharp tools, you're also at risk of puncture wounds—it's easy for a sharp tool to slip from one's grasp and land point-down on a boot or shoe. Ergo, to prevent serious injury if you work around sharp or heavy objects, it's essential to purchase steel-toed work boots for men (like those we have available on our website).

The risk of slips or liquid absorption. Liquids present another major risk in the workplace if a worker does not have the correct safety footwear; water and oil are notorious for causing slips and falls (which can be extremely dangerous if an employee is working on a concrete floor) and other liquids may pose a serious risk of skin injury. Acidic liquids and caustic cleaning solutions are a particular hazard in some industries. Look for a non-slip, non-absorbent boot like a Wellington safety boot if you work with liquids. 

The risk of shock. Electric shock can easily occur in areas where, for example, loose wires are frequently strewn around the floor. If you work with electricity, you will need to make sure that the work boots you choose are non-conductive.

The risk of fire or burns. If you work around extreme temperatures, either walking across very hot surfaces or handling boiling liquids or molten metal, you absolutely must choose protective footwear which is fire and temperature-resistant.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Safety Footwear

Before buying a pair of safety shoes or boots from our website, you should ask yourself the following questions:

“What material will I need?” Safety footwear is available in natural leather or synthetic material; which one is the best choice for you will depend on the demands of your working environment.

“Will I be working indoors or outdoors?” Footwear intended for outdoor use must be especially durable.
“Will I be working in a hot or cold environment?” Footwear for use in cold environments will need extra insulation.
“If I am working outdoors, what is the climate like where I live?” If you will frequently encounter snowy, icy, or rainy conditions, you will want to make sure that the safety footwear you choose is slip-resistant.

With the above information in mind, you should be ready to begin refining your options where safety footwear is concerned, but remember that you should always check with your safety supervisor to make sure that you're buying the correct pair of boots or shoes for your job.

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