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What flavour are your dentists gloves?

In some jobs and professions gloves are a necessity. In all areas of healthcare from hospital nurses, doctors and surgeons to podiatrists, dentists and even opticians, gloves are a mandated item for many procedures.

The wearing of single use gloves by the practitioner like dentists protects both them and the patient from the accidental transmission of all manner of infections and disease.

Dentist gloves have to be all things to all people. They have to allow the dentist to work with sufficient feeling and movement to carry out precise procedures.

They should also taste reasonable - after all, they will be in the patient’s mouth for much of the appointment. Bearing in mind how pungent some rubber-based gloves can be, this is a tall order.

Here at Aston Workwear we like to think we have solved this issue. For the dentist’s comfort, the gloves we offer are lined with a moisturiser.

For the patient’s comfort, we stock mint-flavoured dental latex gloves as well as regular tasting ones. Dentists who are allergic to latex needn’t worry either, as we have nitrile gloves too - just not mint-flavoured, though.

All three varieties of dental gloves are available in five sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. The regular pairs are in a natural colour; the mint flavoured option is green (as you might expect), and the nitrile version is white.

The moisturiser used inside these dentist gloves is a lanolin and Vitamin E compound and designed not only to soothe and moisturise, but also to allow easier donning and removal of the gloves. This protects against dry skin and lowers the risk of dermatitis.

Of course, these dentist gloves are powder-free, medical grade, single use items, as you would expect from any dental gloves supplier.

The latex varieties are 100% latex and low protein so less likely to cause allergic reactions. The nitrile option is completely latex-free and has a textured surface for better grip.

Given the mix of low allergy materials combined with the moisturiser, we would hope wearers would notice the difference in comfort which these gloves offer. As all the best hygiene warnings say, wearing gloves is no substitute for regular hand hygiene, which should be performed before donning and after removal, but at least while wearing the gloves, the moisturiser will be working as hard as the dentist’s hands.

So, if your regular dental gloves supplier doesn’t offer mint flavoured gloves but your patients would prefer you to use them, try our range instead. We think they’ll be a popular choice all round.

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