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Disposable shoe covers and disposable overshoes are used in a variety of environments.

Originally designed for industrial areas, they are also often found in stately homes open to the public, where visitors are required to use them to minimise wear, tear and mud on antique and valuable carpets and rugs.

In a workplace, disposable overshoes can protect everyday footwear from contamination or staining, or ensure clean room conditions are maintained.

Disposable overboots are slightly longer and have leg ties just above the ankle. These are mainly used in conjunction with disposable trousers in sterile or cleanroom environments where complete foot and leg coverage is required.

These days, disposable shoe covers which are sometimes called disposable overshoes are made in a choice of sizes (standard is 14”/35cm and long is 16”/40cm), meaning that these versatile overshoes can fit up to a size 14 workboot.

The elasticated tops ensure that food hygiene rules are adhered to, while the latex-free composition is less likely to cause discomfort to the wearer. Many brands have soles with an inbuilt grip for enhanced safety.

Different colourways are also available from certain manufacturers, although the standard blue and white colours of disposable safety wear are still the most popular. Disposable overboots are often a one size fits all option, however, due to their specialist application, and usually made solely in white.

Disposable overshoes can be used not only in the food preparation industry and laboratory conditions, but also residential and commercial trades such as plumbing, installation and pest control.

They provide protection for hardwood floors and increased grip in areas where slipping could be a hazard. Our sister company Aston Pharma’s own brand of overshoes are available in the longer 16”/41cm length. They have a dimpled sole for greater non-slip performance and a drawstring close to ensure a good fit.

Manufactured in accordance with European PPE regulations, disposable overshoes  with grip are suitable for minimal risk applications across a wide spectrum of industries and uses.

They are the ideal option for anyone wishing to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive locations - not only stately homes with antique carpets but boats, show homes and new floors among others.

Leisure centres are also increasingly making use of disposable overshoes in changing rooms and pools for health and safety and infection control reasons.

For members of the public, a supply of disposable shoe covers or overshoes may be a handy addition to the DIY kit when undertaking projects such as painting or plastering interior walls, assembling furniture, clearing a house or loft or any other interior task where feet and shoes are likely to become dirty or wet.

For many tradesmen and contractors, disposable overshoes with grip allow them to go about their work in their customers’ homes without risking leaving a trail of dirty boot prints.

They may not be universally popular, but the use of disposable overshoes, both with and without grip, is still widespread in many industries.

Aston Workwear’s wide selection of disposable overshoes should ensure everyone finds the specific type they need, at a price they can afford.

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