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Do you wear knee pads for work?

It’s not just ice hockey players, novice skaters and cricketers who need to wear knee pads in the course of their day.

Suffering a knee injury is an unpleasant experience, no matter who you are. For professional sports players, tradespeople and skilled manufacturing specialists, a knee injury can be career threatening, if not completely career ending.

Painters and decorators, electricians, flooring specialists, maintenance staff, mechanics, factory workers, builders and gardeners will all benefit from having a pair of comfortable knee pads to wear as they go about their daily tasks. Aston Workwear have a selection of seven types, designed to suit all fields.

Comfortable knee pads can make the difference between a professional being able to offer their best to the job they’re undertaking, and being in pain from sore and stiff joints. Aston Workwear’s selection ranges from knee pads to fit the Endurance range of work trousers, sold elsewhere on this site and includes both a foam rubber mat to reduce knee trauma and back pain and gel filled strap on pads which can be worn over any trousers or jeans.

The Endurance knee pads for work trousers cost under £7 for a pair, while the Impacto rubber knee pads are only a little more at £9 and are easy to put on and take off. They have been designed for industrial and construction use. The slightly more expensive heavy duty version of the Impacto knee pads have a replaceable elastic strap and are made from PVC-free materials for a lightweight comfortable solution to the necessity to wear knee pads every day.

Further up the range, the hard shell Impacto knee pads offer long term protection from knee trauma injuries.

They have two straps to hold them in place, with a hook and loop closure. The Handy Mat is available in two sizes and is specifically designed to protect against all manner of risks and injury scenarios. It does not absorb liquids, is self extinguishing, does not react to petroleum and is non-conductive too. In addition, it has been designed for use in harsh conditions, including outside, in a cold store, or in muddy sites. As users would expect with that spec, it is fully washable.

The two most expensive items in the range of knee pads for work are a set of gel filled knee pads and a specialist set of flame retardant pads. The gel filled knee pads have a co-polymer raised sewn-on cover and the design helps distribute the pressure around the perimeter of the knee, while at the same time offering protection from damage to the knee cap.

The flame retardant knee pads are spark and heat resistant and the design helps alleviate stress on the wearer’s hip joints as well as protecting their knees from the inherent risks of working in welding, industrial or assembly areas.

From tradesmen to factory specialists, Aston Workwear has the right set of comfortable kneepads for work. Protection against knee injuries is always advisable, and with our range, everyone will be happy.

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