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Why do electricians need gloves?

Electrician’s work gloves are essential in many industries where electrical equipment and wiring must be inspected or installed.

These gloves protect the hands from electrical shocks and burns. The gloves may also assist in gripping components so they don’t slip out of the hands. There are a few different types of work gloves for electricians.

Here are three of the best types to take a closer look at. Each have been made by Polyco.

This company was first created in 1979 and they have quickly grown to be one of Europe’s largest technical gloves suppliers. They hold a top position in the consumer, industrial, and medical glove protection areas.

Polyco Electrician’s Gloves Class 00

The Polyco Electrician’s Gloves Class 00 are made in a beige colour. They reach up the arm and nearly to the elbow. The gloves fully cover all fingers, the entire hand, wrist and lower arm. These gloves have a working voltage of 500 volts AC and have been tested to 2500 volts AC.

The gloves are made from durable rubber. They’re strong but also flexible so your fingers can still move easily. The gloves are available in sizes 8 to 11.

Polyco Electrician’s Gloves Class 0

The Polyco Electrician’s Gloves Class 0 have a slightly darker golden beige colour than the Class 00 gloves. These gloves provide similar protection like the Class 0 by fully covering all fingers, hands, wrists, and lower arm up to the elbow. The difference in these gloves is that they protect against a working voltage of 1000 volts AC. They’ve been tested up to 5000 volts AC.

These gloves are also made from rubber. These gloves are available in sizes from 8 to 11.

Polyco Leather Electrician’s Overgloves

The Polyco Electrician’s Overgloves are made in a white leather material. These gloves fit over your standard electrician’s gloves, such as the Polyco Electrician’s Gloves Class 00, or the Polyco Electrician’s Gloves Class 0.

These gloves provide additional protection for the fingers, hands, wrists, and lower arms to the elbow. They’re slightly larger than your standard electrician’s gloves so they slide easily on top of your first line of protection: the regular Polyco gloves.

These types of gloves provide additional mechanical protection against abrasions, cuts, or punctures. They’re also designed to allow maximum flexibility in the hands so you can get your work done.

These gloves conform to EN 388 Intermediate Design regulations. They are available in sizes from 7 to 10.

No matter what type of gloves you are buying, you should ensure that you store your gloves properly. Place them on top of your tool kit and don’t fold them. Don’t place any heavy objects on top of your gloves. Keep them in a dry environment.

If you need a reliable set of gloves for your work, we have all of these gloves available on our Aston Workwear site.

We also sell the Polyco Leather Electrician’s Gloves so your hands can be doubly protected. Please place your order today so we can dispatch your safety gloves to you quickly. 

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