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Why do I need a full face respirator mask?

Full face respirators and disposable dust masks are useful in many different industries.

Surgeons will wear disposable masks in the operating theatre for some procedures; construction site conditions often mandate a mask or respirator when undertaking particularly dusty jobs, while both dentists and podiatrists use disposables for health and safety reasons.

Full face respirator masks are expensive to buy but can be reused as long as a mask passes the face fit test on the employee about to wear it. Some masks are designed to provide protection against particulate, gas or organic vapour, others are for more general use. Full face respirator masks are available in various sizes, while the disposable varieties have elastic straps to fit just about anyone and provide protection against particulates found in fine non-toxic dusts and fumes or mist.

Aston Workwear stocks a range of six full face respirators from 3M and Scott Safety, with an average price of around £75. Many models can be used with a Pro 2000 filter for negative pressure uses, powered air or a compressed-air-line supply for positive pressure.

These days the average full face mask is designed with comfort in mind as well as protection, and users will find that the latest technology has been employed to provide the best of both worlds. Computer aided design is routinely used in producing new models to improve fit and airflow.

This makes the masks easier to wear, especially for long shifts. The visors are the equivalent of widescreen and many incorporate a centrally placed speech aperture to enable clearer communication. The improved airflow can be directed across the visor to minimise misting, a problem with which divers and swimmers will be familiar.

Computer modelling has also allowed for the repositioning of the filter to minimise neck strain and offer better downward visibility. The more expensive models have huge masks and liquid silicone rubber seals which offer the most comfortable fit possible.

At the other end of the scale, the disposable dust masks start from under £20 a pack and offer anywhere between FFP1 and FFP3 protection against fine dust particles and aerosols. Even someone who enjoys home DIY might well benefit from an FFP1 rated mask, as they are designed to offer protection against sanding, cutting and drilling. FFP2 masks can handle plaster dust, while FFP3 rating masks are more often found in laboratories and pharmaceutical settings.

The range of full face respirator and disposable dust masks at Aston Workwear is wide enough that anyone in need of a mask is likely to find one to fit their needs and budget. Plus, if a customer is stuck for choice, their Account Manager and the customer service team is always available to offer advice.

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