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Why use heat resistant gloves?

In certain types of work, a worker may require special worker’s gloves that are heat-resistant.

These gloves are suitable for welders or other people who work near heated objects. Ansell is one maker of heat-resistant gloves. They’re a global leader in protective gear.

They have designed, developed, and manufactured a wide range of hand and arm protection for workers.

Their gloves are suitable for welders, industrial workers, and other types of industry where hand protection is required as part of the job. Ansell gloves are known to be made of high-quality materials, with optimal protection and superior comfort.

One product that we sell on our Aston Workwear site is the Ansell Crusader-Flex Heat Resistant Gauntlet. These gloves are affordably priced at £14.99. They conform to EN 388 and EN 407 standards.

The gloves are made from a white material and fully cover fingers, hands, and the wrists. They fit loosely around the wrists for comfort. 

The inside of the gloves has a non-woven felt lining. They provide a long-lasting heat resistant material to protect the hands. The gloves have no seams, so that threads will not catch on sharp edges, nor will they be flammable.

The gloves also have reinforced thumb crotches to protect from wear and tear.

Workers will find that they can still grip objects while wearing these gloves, as they provide for dexterity.

Protect your hands from intermittent handling of hot objects up to 200C with high temperature resistant gloves. These gloves are also fully machine washable, so that you can wash them if they get dirty.

Keep Safe also offers several welder’s gloves. These gauntlets vary in type from gold to red colours. The gold colour costs more than the red, though the other features are the same. The Keep Safe Welder’s Glove is made from leather and offers heat resistant gloves with dexterity, as a welder must manipulate and move objects as they’re welding.

These gloves extend behind the wrist and up the arm. They have Kevlar stitching and are fully lined. The red gloves are made from cow split leather and fully lined with 100% cotton, and are fully welt. They are available in sizes 10 or 11.

We also have Aston Work wears welder’s gauntlets on the site. Aston Workwear is a leading supplier of healthcare, veterinary, and industry products.

For a limited time, the site is offering a special deal on welder’s gloves. If you purchase two sets of Aston Work wears Welder’s Gauntlet Red Leather One Size gloves, you’ll be able to receive a third set of gloves for free!

This buy two get one free offer is only for the Aston Workwear welder’s gloves, and you must select three for your basket to qualify. The discount will be given at checkout.

Welder’s gloves and heat resistant gloves are essential to protect your fingers, hands, wrists and arms from flame and heat. You can find all these products and more on our Aston Workwear website. Please stock up today. 

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