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Hi visibility clothing is in fashion

Hi visibility clothing is an integral part of personal protective equipment for many beyond its immediate safety at work use.

On their commutes, many pedestrians and cyclists will wear hi vis jackets, while in wet weather some may also opt for matching trousers to increase their chances of avoiding an accident. But that’s what hi visibility clothing is for.

It makes the wearer more visible to others. Whether that is someone driving a tipper truck on a building site or a car driver who can see the cyclist in front of them on a winter's evening, it is designed to increase personal safety.

Hi vis workwear is an essential part of the uniform for those employees who work anywhere near moving vehicles. Road crews wear yellow hi vis, railway workers orange. It is generally banded with reflective dtrios to increase visibility and is also waterproof.

It’s also essential wear (although not always employed) for cyclists, runners, pedestrians and dog walkers at all times of the year, but especially during the longer darker winter nights when everyone seems more tired and less attentive.

Many people have found innovative uses for hi vis jackets. Runners and pedestrians often wear them, they have been adapted for use as dog jackets and are invaluable for bus passengers waiting at rural bus stops.

These days hi vis jackets are available in a variety of designs. The Class 3 compliant parka jacket style (wholesale price at time of writing £22: ) on our website has a quilted inner, plus it’s waterproof and warmer than many trench coats for someone looking for a winter coat with a difference for their daily walk to work. Sure, the matching hi vis trousers (wholesale price at time of writing £14.75, ) won't win any fashion awards, but if they keep the wearer warm, visible and dry throughout the winter, they will be performing the role they were designed for.

That’s the best thing about hi visibility clothing. It is what the wearer makes of it. Many workers who drive to work will only wear hi vis workwear at work, as its name suggests.

But many others will be in the market for high vis jackets and hi vis trousers at wholesale prices because they wear them every time they leave the house so that they arrive at their workplace in one piece.

No matter which side of the divide you fall, wholesale hi vis workwear is a bargain that will pay for itself several times over.

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