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How to Keep Work Gloves Hygienic

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Why you need to look after your work gloves

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No matter which industry you work in, hygiene is important; bacteria is very easily transported from one surface to another, spreading illnesses and potentially contaminating food products.

Though wearing work gloves helps to ensure a hygienic workplace, there are a number of additional steps you should take to keep your working gloves and work area germ-free:

1. Throw out your disposable gloves immediately after you use them. Never leave disposable latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves lying around; dispose of them by placing them in the appropriate waste receptacle as soon as you have completed the task at hand.

Never wash your hands while wearing disposable gloves and then simply move on to the next task; disposable gloves are not designed to be cleaned and it's all but impossible to completely sanitise them once they have been used.

Disposable gloves are meant to be replaced frequently, so make sure to purchase disposable work gloves in bulk from us so that you'll have a steady supply. (Note that when used correctly, disposable gloves are the most hygienic option available, making them ideal for use in the medical and food service industries.)

2. Launder your reusable heavy duty work gloves regularly. If your job requires the use of reusable heavy duty work gloves rather than disposable latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves, make sure that you launder your gloves frequently; not daily, as this will degrade the material of the gloves quickly, but at least once a week.

If the material of your work gloves will permit it, you may wish to try placing your gloves in the freezer at night; the cold will kill many strains of bacteria without the wear and tear inherent in the laundering process. 

3. Store reusable gloves properly. Most types of bacteria and mould only grow in warm, damp environments, so one of the best ways to keep your reusable work gloves hygienic is to store them in a cool, dry place when you're not using them. (Don't store your gloves in a basement or outdoor shed; these environments are notorious for being damp and mouldy.)

While it's impossible to completely, 100% eliminate bacteria from any workplace, taking the precautions listed above will go a long way toward ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, regardless of which industry you work in.

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