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Hand Protection At Work Using Kevlar Gloves

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When you work in one of the manufacturing industries it’s important to not only wear protective hand gear, but to wear gloves that are a perfect fit.

While most businesses provide larger more costly protective gear to their workers, you may have to provide your own Kevlar gloves.

Here’s a guide to what you can expect to find on our Aston Workwear website, which will assist you in finding the best protective solution for your work situation.

There are at least eight different Kevlar glove products on the site. Having your own set of gloves is important, to ensure proper fit, and for hygiene, as you don’t want to use other people’s dirty gloves. Kevlar gloves usually have a yellow background, and a blue anti-slip rubberized grip.

Keep Safe Kevlar gloves are our top product on the site to protect your hands, wrist, and fingers.

The Keep Safe brand has a wide range of quality gloves to choose from. The main purpose of these gloves is to protect yourself against cuts or wounds from sharp, pointed, spiked objects.

Should you accidentally brush your hands against a sharp object, the gloves will keep you safe. There are a variety of different types of Kevlar gloves depending on your particular hazardous situation.

The Keep Safe Light Kevlar glove is designed for the handing of lighter sharp objects. They are yellow and made from woven 100% Kevlar material. They can be used on their own, or worn as an under glove to provide additional cutting resistance. These gloves have sizing choices of 9 or 10.

Many workers need to retain the full function of the tips of fingers or thumb. The Keep Safe Fingerless Kevlar Glove protects the base of fingers, the top and palm of the hand, and the wrist.

They also have a reinforced thumb crotch, and are suitable for general applications, with sizes from 8 to 10.

This brand of gloves also has a stronger sharps resistance in their Keep Safe Medium Kevlar glove.

These gloves have a reinforced thumb crotch stitching on both hands which will provide additional protection for high wear areas. They are also suitable for medium duty applications at work. These gloves are available in sizes 8, 9, and 10.

Some people work in industries that require the handling of objects that may be slippery due to shiny metal surfaces.

The Keep Safe Medium Grip Kevlar Gloves are also suitable for medium duty work applications, but these are different than the gloves above. These ones have a blue rubberized grip on the palms of the hands and on the finger and thumb tips.

This is a double sided blue dot coating to enhance your grip for both hands. It also has the same thumb crotch for added protection.

Keep Safe also offers Kevlar Gloves Cut Resistant Level 3 Glove for higher hazards in the workplace. These gloves are yellow and have a coated blue latex coating on the palm and fingers.

These gloves are suitable for the handling of sharp or abrasive objects, and come in sizes of 9 to 10.

Our website also sells JUBA Kevlar Gloves in a Kevlar Grip Cut Resistant Level 4 Glove. These are also made from the DuPont Kevlar brand and they are not only Kevlar gloves puncture resistant, but heat resistant as well.

They still offer flexibility and dexterity with dry or wet surfaces, but are not suitable for oily environments. JUBA is available in 8-10.

The Ansell brand offers a PowerFlex Kevlar Cut Resistant Level 5 glove. These gloves are perfect for protecting the hands from cuts, splinters, and burrs. There is steel, glass fibre and Kevlar built in. They are also extra-long, going all the way to the forearms. Sizes are available in 8-10.

Ansell also sells a premium Mercury Kevlar Glove Category 3 Complex Design, which protects the hands from sparks, and has a fibre cotton liner.

They provide excellent heat resistance up to 350C, with protection against fire, contact heat, convection heat, radiant heat, and molten metal. Size is only available in 10.

Workers may require more than one type of glove, particularly if they work in varying work situations.

If you are searching for Kevlar Gloves UK, choose your gloves carefully, and ensure you wear them at all times. Please visit our website pages to see the best selection of Kevlar gloves for sale. 

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