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Mechanics’ gloves are designed to protect anyone working on any vehicle from skin irritation, cuts, grazes, dirt and oil.

The skin of the hands is pretty tough, but that doesn’t completely protect it from damage. Latex mechanics’ gloves are designed for lightweight, basic servicing tasks such as topping up oil or screen fluid and cleaning cars.

They can be used once and disposed of. These gloves are not designed for heavy work; for that, mechanics need specialist gloves which are resistant to impacts and cuts.

Latex mechanics’ gloves do not have the durability or thickness for long-term work on any car and wearing them for this is likely to cause more damage than enough to the hands. They do not provide suitable grip or protection to delve deep into engines or hold tools designed to dislodge the stickiest bolt with a carefully timed turn of a wrench or spanner.

Aston Workwear stocks both hard wearing specialist mechanics’ gloves and the lightweight latex and nitrile versions. Single pairs of gloves come in a variety of sizes and designs, offering protection to palms, wrists and fingers.

They use materials such as neoprene, PVC, synthetic leather and spandex for the best fit combined with maximum flexibility. There is a choice of half-fingerless or full fingered designs depending on the task to be undertaken.

The latex and nitrile varieties of disposable mechanics’ gloves are tougher and thicker than medical grade versions and offer an increased level of protection from solvents, oil, grease, antifreeze and paint.

They have textured palms for better grip and the colours easily show up damage to the gloves. Both latex and nitrile varieties are powder-free for added comfort, while nitrile gloves have the added advantage of being more resistant to punctures than latex mechanics’ gloves.

For the average person cleaning or performing basic car maintenance, it is likely that latex or nitrile disposable mechanics’ gloves will fit the bill and a box will last for some time. These gloves are also useful for many other DIY tasks around the home, though, so DIY enthusiasts may find a box good value when painting, stripping wallpaper or simply clearing out junk.

For those customers seeking a higher grade of glove, the specialist mechanics’ gloves are likely to be of more use as they will provide more protection against specialist requirements.

Long haul drivers such as contractors, salesmen and delivery drivers may opt for a pair of mechanics’ gloves so that they have a pair of suitable gloves when required (for changing a tyre, for instance).

Mechanics’ gloves are useful for many tasks other than mechanics. Like ‘gardening gloves’ they are tough, durable and some are designed to be disposed of when dirty or damaged.

That makes them versatile and good value for professional mechanics and others alike.

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