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Why are medical gloves important?

medical gloves

What should we use medical gloves for?

Medical gloves have a multitude of uses apart from the obvious.

Most medical professionals will keep a stock of gloves in their consulting rooms, as they are worn both when examining patients and when setting up for each new patient.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and setting out instruments should also be carried out while wearing gloves, to assist with infection control and protect the skin from contamination.

In the UK, medical gloves are available in a variety of materials. Nitrile, latex and vinyl are all popular types.

All these materials can be made sterile and chlorinated, and conform to a variety of national standards, making them suitable for use in medical, dental, laboratory, hospital and pharmaceutical settings.

Sterile medical gloves are usually sold in boxes of 200 pairs, are ambidextrous and have been tested for permeability and breaking point.

Naturally, surgeries and other customers are going to get through numerous pairs of these gloves in various types and sizes, so Aston Workwear has a full range of small, medium and large sizes available, together with a network of customer service agents and account managers who can help with any queries about range and availability.

It has never been so simple to source medical examination gloves wholesale.

Aston Workwear is also a leading supplier of medical gloves for non-sterile requirements, with an extensive range of powdered and non-powdered options available in vinyl, nitrile and latex.

These gloves have a variety of innovations such as polymer coating for grip, rolled cuffs for strength and powder-free composition to reduce product contamination.

And on the subject of coatings, the range of wholesale medical examination gloves stocked by Aston Workwear have numerous coatings to help wearers in several ways.

The aloe vera coating on the GN34 Aloe Care powder free latex gloves, for instance, helps keep hands moisturised and treats cracked and dry skin.

Unigloves Select black latex gloves have a micro roughened palm for improved grip, while the GL883 Bodygaurds SafeDon range achieves the same with a polymer coated surface.

The non-sterile ranges of wholesale medical examination gloves are generally sold in cases of 10 x 100 gloves and will cost between £30 and £50 for a case.

Some types have volume discount to bring the price down when multiple cases are ordered together.

Make Aston Workwear your UK medical gloves supplier of choice and see the difference that we can make to your budget with our competitive pricing and extensive range.

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