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Which respirator mask do I need?

Respirator masks may seem like something you only see on TV at scenes of crime.

However, there is also a wide call for respiratory protective equipment among the manufacturing, construction, military and medical establishments.

Respirator masks are designed to filter out airborne pollution or particles, so are necessary when dealing with some gases, lack of oxygen in the air, manufacturing processes which produce dust or fine fibres and, naturally, for medical staff nursing infectious patients.

Both full and half face respirator masks are available, and the type of mask used depends on the risk. Dealing with certain gases, such as chlorine, will require a full face mask, but preventing a worker from breathing in dust or mist can often be achieved by use of a respirator mask for the mouth and nose only, with perhaps the added use of safety goggles to protect the eyes.

As well as an extensive range of cheap full face respirators, Aston Workwear also stocks face fit test kits and replacement filters. Face fit testing is essential to ensure that your workers are properly protected against the hazards of their workplace.

Modern respiratory protective equipment features improved airflow and is also cooler to wear, and therefore more comfortable. However, it only works fully when it is properly fitted, so each individual worker should undergo a face fit test before donning a respirator mask.

Powered full face respirators, with their battery-powered filters, are designed to filter and clean ambient air before the wearer breathes it.

A variety of filters can be used with one of these devices, depending on the environment. Reusable full face respirators are slightly less bulky, often with twin filters on either side and a grille to allow the user’s voice to be heard whilst wearing it.

The use of respirators is increasing in the workplace, as our understanding of pollution grows. Respiratory diseases generally are on the rise, and not all of these are self-inflicted by lifestyle choice.

Some of those who were not adequately protected during their working lives are now feeling the effects of that. These days, employers are actively seeking to minimise risk to their staff by requiring many more of them to use respirators in certain situations.

The purchase of respirators, even at wholesale prices, is not cheap, but it is a necessary expense to protect employees who may be at risk of respiratory damage when simply carrying out their job.

Aston Workwear offers a comprehensive range of respiratory protective equipment for all uses. Besides respirator masks, we also stock half and full face respirators, replacement filters and face fit test kits to ensure your workers are correctly fitted and fully protected in hazardous environments.

The use of an appropriate respirator mask is vital in healthcare, laboratories and construction to avoid damaging workers’ health.

Some tradesmen will also wear a respirator mask, especially when painting or drilling, to avoid inhaling fumes or dust. We stock both unvalved and shrouded valve respirator masks, as well as reusable and single use respirators.

These days, the full face respirators also feature improved airflow and are cooler to wear while still providing the necessary protection.

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