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See Which Pair of Safety Goggles Works for You?

Safety glasses are required for many job sites due to potential risks.

Not only may they be required by regulations, but businesses may wish to keep their insurance rates down by having a minimum of claims for their workers. There are many different types of safety goggles.

Some types are better for specific industries, while others are due to personal preferences of the worker.

Safety specs can be placed into at least five different categories.

Safety glasses are often your simplest type of protective eye wear. They are smaller than others and their appearance is more like sunglasses, but without the tinted coating.

They slip quickly and easily over the ears. This type is used for minimal risks in office, clinic, or job site.

The safety over spectacle glasses offer more protection. The worker can actually wear their regular eye prescription glasses under these spectacles. These glasses are tinted, and may have ridges so that they fit comfortably on top of the glasses.

These lenses may come in black, orange, or clear styles, depending on what industry you need them for.

Safety hybrid goggles may protect against more than one hazard. These have straps that loop around your head, keeping them more secure.

These goggles fit snugly against your face, so that no foreign materials can sneak inside. They can vary from small lenses to wide view lenses.

Safety vented goggles have tiny holes in them. This prevents them from misting up. These are convenient for use where workers may need to use hot water to clean lab equipment.

The holes provide natural ventilation and keep the eye region cool. They have adjustable head bands.

Safety non-vented goggles may be available in a variety of clear or tinted lenses. They have adjustable head bands that wrap around the head. These do not have minute holes in them. They’re more suitable for regular room temperature settings that require goggles.

All safety eyewear can vary from regular arms to narrow or wide straps. Specs may be more suitable than goggles if the worker needs to repeatedly take them on and off.

The worker who must have both hands free to work on site probably wants a wide and secure head band that loops around either side of the goggles to ensure it stays in place and never moves. In these instances the safety of the eyes is important.

The more features the safety goggles have, the higher the costs will be. It’s important to determine hazards in the workplace and buy exactly what you need.

Since the goggles do eventually become scratched, and will need to be replaced over time, it’s important to budget for exactly what you need. You don’t want to pay for premium goggles if your workers are only working in a vet clinic.

Likewise, the cheapest goggles may not have the protective lens film that is required to protect the welder from glare.

Purchase your safety goggles at wholesale prices from Aston workwear so injuries can be minimised in the workplace. 

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