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How To Buy Safety Shoes for Women

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Safety Shoes for Women: How to Get the Perfect Fit

If you're a woman and you need protective footwear to keep your feet safe while on the job, before browsing the wide range of safety shoes for sale on our website, you should research how to get the ideal fit.

Having properly fitting safety shoes or boots does not only guarantee comfort while on the job, it's essential to ensuring that a pair of protective footwear can work effectively.

To determine whether or not a pair of safety shoes for women fit, you should:

Try the boots or shoes on around midday, not first thing in the morning. Feet usually swell during the day, so you will get a more accurate idea of whether or not a pair of safety shoes fit too tightly if you try them on later in the day.

Always walk around to test new footwear. Just like when you are choosing a pair of recreational shoes or boots, the best way to test the fit of safety shoes for women is to walk at least ten paces in them. Remember, your shoes or boots should allow your feet to move naturally, without being loose.

Wiggle your toes. Safety shoes for womens steel toe can feel very uncomfortable if the shoe's toe is too tight (you cannot expect a steel toe to loosen up with wear, after all), so make sure you can move your toes around easily in the pair of shoes or boots that you choose. Your toes should have at least 12mm of space between their tips and the front of the boot or shoe.

Consider additional space needs you may have. Do you work in a cold environment and thus frequently wear very thick socks under your safety shoes or boots? Do you need special arch supports to prevent your feet or back from aching? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should purchase safety shoes with a bit of extra room. Additionally, you should check with the manufacturer of your safety shoes or boots to make sure that adding a custom insert will not affect the level of protection offered by the footwear.

Check for a snug fit around the heel and ankle. Loose safety shoes and boots can present a hazard as they make slips, falls, and serious ankle injuries much more likely. When your shoes or boots are laced up, they should fit firmly around your heel and ankle; they should not slide up or down or move side to side.

With the above tips in mind, you should be able to select a pair of safety shoes or boots that look great, feel great, and protect your feet for years to come. 

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