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Safety supervisors are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility, but like all of us, they're human and can make mistakes if they're not adequately prepared. If you've just attained a safety supervisor position and wish to be certain that those you're overseeing are protected from hazards, make sure to avoid the following 5 common mistakes:

1. Not ensuring that workers have all of the correct protective gear. Safety Wellington boots for men and Safety helmets are often not enough; you need to make sure that workers' eyes, lungs, hands, feet, and bodies are protected as necessary

For example, if workers are handling electrical equipment, their gloves will need to be non-conductive to mitigate the risk of shock; if workers are walking in areas where oil or caustic liquids are likely to be present, they must have protective Wellington boots on.

 When looking for Wellington boots for men, make sure to choose steel toe cap wellies like the ones available on our website (we also have steel toe cap wellies womens sizes). Steel toes are necessary to prevent risk of injury from falling objects.

2. Not being proactive enough about preventing accidents. A safety supervisor's job is not to simply react to accidents that have already happened—he or she should instead focus on preventing them. Supervisors should spend a lot of time on the floor observing workers and the environment they work in, looking for potential problems and tackling them as soon as they become evident.

3. Placing too little focus on developing positive relationships with workers. A safety inspector should never come across like a stern, unapproachable authority figure; instead, he or she should take on the role of a friendly (but responsible) peer. Remember, you want workers to feel comfortable enough to come to you and report any safety concerns they have without having to first overcome a fear of rebuke.

4. Not developing strong leadership skills. Being a safety supervisor is about a lot more than just memorizing the details of various safety protocols; it also means growing into the kind of calm, collected, and decisive individual people can count on to think clearly in times of crisis. If you have newly been appointed the role of safety supervisor, it's a good idea to consider attending a few leadership seminars and/or training programs.

5. Not communicating enough with other employees. In an ideal world, every worker would be familiar with safety protocols, like wearing safety Wellington boots for men and women when necessary but alas, many employees get caught up in their jobs and forget their safety training. As such, safety supervisors should take the time to educate those they work with, reminding them of essential safety measures and keeping them abreast of changes to the company's safety policy.

If you can avoid making the mistakes outlined above, you can become much more than just a supervisor—you will grow into an integral part of the team, and you may even prove to be a life-safer. 

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