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How waterproof workwear can protect you.

Let’s be honest, the weather in this part of the world can be downright miserable at times. For those working outside a wet day can be quite unpleasant unless they have the correct waterproof workwear.

If it’s cold or windy on top of that then those work hours can really feel never-ending; wet feet, cold hands, water dribbling down the back of the neck. Not what any good employer wants their workforce to experience.

Here at Aston Workwear, we have over 50 items of waterproof clothing, from high visibility parkas to waterproof boots, coveralls and men’s waterproof work jackets in a variety of designs and styles.

Everything anyone needs to stay cosy and dry when working outside.

 Everyone from construction workers to delivery drivers and postmen can benefit from having items from this selection of workwear and waterproof clothing, and staff are likely to thank a boss who has these items ready for when the weather turns suddenly or as the seasons change.

Everyone who spends time outside for any length of time will be grateful for something from this range. Yes, Aston Workwear specialises in workwear of all types, but you don’t have to be at work to take advantage of it.

We are happy to sell to individuals who buy their own weatherwear as well as companies who give us purchase order numbers.

Men’s waterproof work jackets and stout waterproof boots are just as useful to gardeners, dog walkers, hikers, horse owners and other outdoorsmen and women as they are to those who need workwear clothing which is waterproof.

Even bus passengers may appreciate these items, depending on how visible they are when waiting for the bus, or how distant the nearest stop is from home on a wet and stormy winter’s night.

For those who do need waterproof workwear in the course of their daily job, our selection of men’s waterproof work jackets and boots covers many different colours and styles.

Whether the job calls for cover because the wearer wants to blend in with the background (navy, black or green jackets, black, brown or honey coloured boots), on a farm or as a heathland ranger, or whether the requirement is to be seen in a busy construction, rail or oil and gas site (neon yellow, fluorescent orange or visible royal blue jackets, trousers and coveralls), our range of waterproof workwear will have a suitable option.

Waterproof workwear clothing may not be the highest fashion but it serves its purpose for work and leisure uses alike.

 Aston Work wear has a wide selection for all specialist fields, which in some cases will also be as useful to the leisure wearer.

There is nothing like getting even more value for money from something which is supplied by the employer and meant for work use, after all.

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