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There are many reasons why your staff might need or want to wear white cotton gloves when carrying out everyday tasks. Perhaps they have sensitive skin, don’t like getting dirty hands or have just spent a small fortune on a manicure ahead of a big party at the weekend.

They may be helping out a colleague clearing a desk or tidying a room. In all of these cases, cotton gloves will suffice. They will not protect against chemicals but are safe to use for protection against cardboard or paper cuts and other abrasions.

These lightweight white cotton gloves are designed to provide protection for people who either don’t perform manual tasks very often, or are handling fragile items such as glassware or small components.

Aston Workwear’s cotton gloves are available in a variety of types. They are often hand specific, machine washable, lightweight and sized to fit either men’s or women’s hands. They offer easy care and provide simple protection during low risk tasks.

Costing mere pennies for a single pair, these cotton gloves will suit uses in catering, security, museums, silver service, glassware handling and light assembly work.

Cotton glove liners are also popular and can be bought in bulk to provide extra comfort for wearers. They are available in a selection of weights which can be tailored to the glove being worn over the top.

This then means that every employee can have their own pair of liners, while the gloves themselves can be purchased in smaller quantities if buying cotton gloves in bulk is neither practical nor cost effective.

Cotton drill gloves are useful for slightly heavier duty use including moving and handling boxes. In the home, these gloves are often used for gardening and DIY tasks.

 Employees who have to adhere to strict hygiene rules or who perform regular product inspections may prefer our range of cotton forchette gloves.

For kitchen and light manufacturing uses, the extra protection offered by a pair of chrome patch gloves might be appreciated. Terry cotton gloves are versatile and comfortable, while white cotton gloves with a textured palm provide extra grip.

Cotton gloves are ideal to have on hand for many different situations. They can be worn by staff laying out food for or serving drinks to course delegates, by a receptionist or office manager taking in a delivery or by someone moving offices.

For specific job roles in catering and security, white cotton gloves come as part of the uniform, certainly in the UK. Airport staff at security scans often wear them - a sensible idea when they are handling so many passengers’ items in a shift.

Meanwhile food service staff tend to wear them as a safety device to protect their hands from hot plates and splashes of food. Being made of natural fibres, cotton gloves are suitable for those who have allergies plus the material is also breathable, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

Their all-round suitability for many different tasks makes cotton gloves the go-to gloves for many.

With prices under a pound for a single pair, it’s easy to test their popularity and level of use in even the smallest firm.

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