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Why choose Bodyguard gloves?

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All About Bodyguard Gloves

People who work in certain industries need specific protection for their different parts of their bodies.

The hands can be particularly susceptible to cuts, burns, chemicals, and biohazards. The use of special protective gloves may be required by workplace, government agency, or your own personal comfort. Bodyguard Gloves is one manufacturer of gloves that is sold on the Aston Workwear website. If you’re searching for a Bodyguard nitrile gloves supplier, we also have a variety of glove styles to suit your needs.

It’s best to match up glove type with your industry in order to achieve the maximum benefits of wearing gloves. Never cheapen out by wearing the wrong gloves for the job. Many workplaces provide gloves for the worker. If not, they may provide a financial allowance to help for their payment. Many workers also choose to purchase their own gloves, rather than use a set that is shared by all workers.

Bodyguard is a brand that makes two main types of gloves: disposable and long-lasting.

Disposable gloves such as the GL663 Bodyguard Nitrile Gloves are made for doctors and nurses during their examination of patients. These gloves protect the spread of diseases and germs between patient to physician, or vice versa. The gloves are made from green nitrile, and are powder-free. These gloves come in small, medium, large, or extra large to fit all types of men’s and women’s hands. They are disposable, and available in a box of 100.

Blue vinyl or clear vinyl gloves may be used by labs, cosmetic manufacturers, restaurants, food factories, or other light industry where it’s important to protect surfaces and hands from microorganisms and irritants that have a light risk. These gloves are latex-free.

The more permanent and re-usable types of gloves are meant for the workman or woman who needs protective gloves to protect their hands from a variety of dangerous situations. These gloves are usually in a basic black colour and their costs can vary.

The Bodyguards GH150 Gloves are useful for wet or dry working situations. They have the benefit of protecting against cuts and splinters. They can withstand abrasives and won’t tear easily. Since a person may have to wear gloves all day in their line of work, these gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort. They also have an liner that provides extra wearing comfort. These gloves also provide a good grip for when the hands must move or hold an object.

The other Bodyguard gloves are also similar, but they just vary in how many are in the box. Bodyguard gloves can be purchased in bulk which decreases the overall cost of each glove. This is beneficial for when a business must purchase gloves for a large number of workers.

If your business needs to have an assortment of gloves on hand for its workers, you can also purchase the Bodyguards SafeDon Glove Dispenser Holder. This mounts onto the wall, and will hold all popular box sizes of gloves.

Have a good look at our Aston Workwear site, as we are the best Bodyguard gloves supplier online, and find out more information about the Bodyguard Gloves line. 

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