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Why Choose Vinyl Gloves?

vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves.Why powder free?

If you're currently searching for vinyl gloves, you're probably landing on many sites—like our own—which advertise vinyl gloves powder free wholesale to professionals

'Why,' you may find yourself wondering, 'Should I choose 'powder-free' gloves?' Fortunately, as qualified powder free vinyl gloves suppliers, we can help you resolve that mystery and make the correct choice.

Why Are Some Gloves Powdered?

Many cheap vinyl gloves and latex gloves are powdered with what is known as a 'dry lubricant', usually made of cornstarch or silicone. Cornstarch is the most common dry lubricant used because it is inexpensive and meets the specifications set forth for absorbent dusting powder.

Powdering is done for two reasons: One, it makes vinyl and latex gloves easier to put on and take off. Two, it prevents the gloves from sticking together during the manufacturing process.

So—What's Wrong With Powder, Anyway?

There's nothing inherently harmful about glove powder itself (cornstarch is completely safe and non-toxic), but in some professions, the presence of powder on latex and vinyl gloves has been linked to a range of related hazards.

For example, in the medical profession, experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated that the dry lubricant on medical gloves can cause adverse reactions in patients undergoing medical procedures, increase the chance that an infection will occur, and act as an allergen carrier (an important consideration when using latex gloves, which are already allergenic for many people).

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) therefore issued a safety alert in 2013 advising medical professionals to use only powder-free latex gloves.

Alternatives to Using Powder on Latex and Vinyl Gloves

In order to make powder-free gloves safe and easy to use, glove manufacturers subject the gloves to a special chlorination process.

Chlorine reacts with latex and vinyl in such a way that the surface of disposable gloves is made smoother and far less tacky, eliminating the need for dry lubricants. Additionally, chlorine helps to reduce the level of allergenic soluble natural latex proteins present in the latex gloves.

In layman's terms, this means that the gloves contain fewer allergenic substances and are therefore much less likely to provoke allergic reactions even in sensitive individuals.

Powder-free gloves are therefore safer and more comfortable to wear; if you work in the medical profession or you find powdered latex gloves irritating, be sure to choose powder-free gloves instead.

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