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Womens safety workwear in the workplace

These days it is not unusual to see women in the same jobs as men. There is female representation in many industries traditionally thought of as ‘male’, including civil engineering, boring and mining, construction, trades, warehousing, driving and delivery.

Because women are often different heights and proportions to men, it means that traditional safety wear has had to be redesigned to suit.

Women’s safety workwear is now widely available, however, and surprisingly well made too.

Many employers might find that some of their female staff may feel happier in the men’s tops, even if they need shorter trousers or narrower boots.

For those reasons alone, it is best for all procurement staff to have both men’s and women’s work wear available for standard orders.

Even as little as a decade ago, some companies refused to order female sizes in clothes and boots, leading to the few trailblazing females in the field having to either wear the closest male fitting or source their own workwear from specialist suppliers.

These days, Aston Workwear is happy to stock and supply workwear suitable for both men and women.

Ladies often need shorter trouser lengths or slimmer fitting boots than men, plus a traditional male cut polo shirt or high visibility jacket won’t necessarily suit all your female workforce. It is true that most high visibility work wear will mask even the most amazing figure, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t fit correctly.

For those women who don’t want to look like they’re wearing their husband’s, partner’s, father’s or brother’s gear, we have dedicated ladies’ workwear.

Aston Workwear’s range covers womens overalls, ladies’ jackets and fleeces, skirts, tabards, trousers and tops and a range of Tuf Revolution workwear with trousers available in smaller waist sizes and shorter leg lengths.

Specialist gear such as high visibility wear is available in sizes 8-16, while our safety boots and safety trainers are generally available in sizes 3-8 and a narrower cut than men’s versions of the same footwear.

The days of women having to wear several pairs of socks to be comfortable in safety boots are over. For female staff who prefer a skirt or trousers and jacket, we stock those too, together with a range of suitable safety ballet and court-style shoes with midsole.

Tops, sweatshirts, fleeces and hoodies start from a standard size Small, while Astoria Polywool suit skirts are available in Black or Charcoal Grey and sizes 8 to 20.

Women’s work wear has evolved in recent years.

The female workforce now has the choice of ladies’ workwear made specifically for them, and women’s safety workwear is designed not only to fit them, but also to protect them.

Shorter trouser leg lengths, women’s sizing, narrower boots, skirts, shoes and tabards are all available here at Aston Workwear.

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