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Why safety gloves are useful

Along with a suitable pair of safety boots or shoes, a pair of protective work gloves is one of the most useful pieces of personal protective equipment out there.

In our everyday lives, we wear gloves for everything from domestic cleaning to gardening, as well as routinely seeing protective gloves on workers such as retail staff stacking shelves, delivery drivers, postmen and others involved in manual handling or outdoor work on a regular basis.

The thing about work gloves is that they are so versatile. These days there are protective gloves for everything. Of course doctors and dentists will wear lightweight latex or nitrile gloves for patient examinations. So will podiatrists looking after patients’ feet, laboratory staff handling samples and commercial janitorial staff emptying the office bins.

Waterproof work gloves are useful for all weather outdoor work as well as specialist tasks like cleaning ponds or working in wet gardens. These days there are also any number of specialist safety gloves to help protect the wearer against the risk of cuts, vibration, cold or chemical damage.

The humble glove has evolved from a means of simply keeping hands and fingers warm into a multi-faceted protective device. It is therefore essential that employers offer a suitable range of work gloves for the safety of their staff. Fortunately, cheap work safety gloves are widely available, and Aston Workwear’s range encompasses many different specialist types as well as a variety of work gloves for daily use.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, hands and feet are among the most frequently injured parts of the body. Even during a normal workday in a typical office, staff could give themselves a paper cut, drop something on their foot, accidentally catch a finger in a drawer or find that a fire door closes too quickly on their foot as they are moving through it with a tray of drinks.

It is not uncommon to see staff working with paper filing wearing a pair of disposable work gloves to help prevent paper cuts. Certainly any staff member involved in regular manual handling duties should be issued with a pair of protective gloves for their own safety, as not only can boxes and crates be dirty, they can also have sharp edges which give painful cuts to hands and arms.

With Aston Workwear’s extensive range of cheap work safety gloves, employers have a good chance of being able to find exactly the type of gloves they need, at a price to suit. Our fast UK delivery will ensure that stocks are always available and our prices won’t break the bank either.

Aston Workwear’s selection of work gloves are part of our complete range of PPE workwear. We cater for every scenario during a typical workday where an employee may need gloves to protect their hands.

Disposable single-use gloves for a clinical setting, waterproof work gloves for daily use, safety gloves to protect against vibration, cuts, or cold and protective gloves for use with chemicals, electricity and other specialist areas are all in stock at our usual low prices. All these work gloves are available in a variety of sizes and colours, and feature the latest technology to offer the best hand protection to your staff.

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